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Joe @FiskerPhilly is awesome. Hoping to meet you at his planned but not formally announced spring / early summer meet up in Cherry Hill!

I have had my Karma for over 2 years now and have over 35k km on it with no real issues other than small annoying things. Definitely give Joe at Fisker of Cherry Hill a call, he's been a Karma savior and an all-around good guy ... I just wish we had someone like him in Toronto to help service our cars!

Recently had some work done by the well regarded Fisker of Cherry Hill and can assure anyone Joe is a true asset to the Fisker community.

Today Joe was able to remotely access my Karma's computer and update software, check the status of my battery and other modules, and clear out the pesky fault code that was causing my CIL to illuminate. I enjoyed watching the computer screen as he worked his magic from his office in Philly. The set up was simple and easy to do ~ you don't need to be too technical to get it ready for Joe to access your Karma. I highly recommend doing this, even if it's just for peace of mind in knowing the condition of your Karma. I know I feel much better about mine now that Joe confirmed everything is up to date and the health of my battery is good. Thanks again Joe for putting this together!!!!

I'm in line to get the scan tool shipped to me for the remote diagnosis. I'll thank Joe at Fisker of Cherry Hill in advance for doing this. It gives those of us in areas without Fisker support some peace of mind knowing someone with a lot of knowledge can help us out.