EV Conversions

Drive In On Gas, Drive Out on Battery

EVolution Autosports can convert many different vehicles to electric drivetrains. We feature products from top names such as EV West and HSR Motors and can build a car from scratch as a kit or drive it in on gas and drive it out on battery!

Projects Under Development

We are currently researching methods to install Tesla drive units into vehicles up to 700hp.

Fisker KarmaProjects Under Development

  • Full EV conversion removal of ICE and addition of higher capacity battery, longer range and enhanced charging. 
  • Performance hybrid reconstruct existing battery to enhance range, Tesla 650hp rear drive. 
  • Longer range and sub 4s 060.

Stay tuned for updates on these and other cool EV projects. Give us a call to discuss your project at 267-210-3986 or visit us today.!